NEW Natural Hair Loss Solution 
Regrow Your Hair
Get Your Lustrous Locks Back Naturally To Feel Confident And Sexy, Once Again!
In 90 Days or Less ...
What if...
  • You could quickly start growing fuller thicker hair, naturally, right away.
  • Feel great about the reflection you see in the mirror and love your hair again.
  • Stop constantly worrying about covering up bald spots, wearing hats or scarves or buying expensive hair extensions.
  • ​Be comfortable and confident again in intimate relationships.
  • ​Break through the embarrassment and walk into any social setting with confidence.
  • Stop humiliation from people staring at your thinning hair.
I get it. I've been in your shoes!
Staring at the massive amounts of hair in the shower. Feelings of insecurity that lead to avoiding intimacy with my loved one. Running out of ways to style my hair to cover up thin spots. 

I just wanted to live my life without fear of continuing to lose more hair, without taking lifelong dangerous medications or applying expensive scalp serums! 

If this sounds like you, I want you to know there is hope. I reversed my hair loss naturally, which revitalized my health, and I am going to show you how to do the same with my...
Natural Hair Loss Solution Program
A New Approach To Hair Loss That Works
  • The mainstream model approaches thinning hair in females as a hopeless part of womanhood and only offers options without getting results or medications with damaging side-effects.
  • The Natural Hair Loss Solution works with your body to support underlying functional, metabolic and hormonal imbalances to restore your lustrous locks!
Yes, I Want 
My Hair Back!
You're not alone - over 30 million women suffer from hair loss.  Ultimately, don't you really want to live a full, active lifestyle without fear of more hair thinning?

Here's how the program works:
  • Finally Identify why you are not producing healthy hair
  • Holistic and natural approach 
  • A Unique customized protocol that is specific to your hair and body with simple steps and solutions

Who is Julie Olson and Why You Should Listen to Her 

Julie Olson, BSc., CN, BCHN, CGP, is a triple-Board Certified nutrition expert. She specializes in reversing female hair loss naturally. As trained by the Institute of Functional Medicine and with a journalism degree, Julie is known to skillfully investigate, discover and communicate root cause resolutions. Founder of Fortitude Functional Nutrition in 2019, Julie and her team combine an integrative, holistic and functional medicine approach to obtain optimal health. Julie has practiced as a Certified Nutritionist since 2011 in collaboration with functional medicine doctors, integrative practitioners and a national health food store. Julie is a lifelong student, where she keeps abreast of new nutrition research and studies, while she engages regularly in advanced coursework and certification programs. 
    You can Stop thinning hair in it's tracks
    I know, I did!
    If you want to naturally grow back your hair, reduce or eliminate your dependency on potentially dangerous medications, wigs and/or hair extensions, hats, and scarves, and enjoy a more rewarding, active lifestyle without worrying about people staring at your thinning hair then...
    The Natural Hair Loss Solution is definitely for you.

    Before working with Julie, I tried for years to stop my hair from falling out. Now my hair is back and so is my vibrant health! 
    Sarah M - Los Angeles, CA
    The results I got from Julie are AMAZING!  I no longer dread taking a shower and look forward to girls night out on the town!
    Jessica L - Denver, Co

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